Hard Losing weight

my journey and hopeful inspiration

Starting Largest weight: 249 Picture 2: 220 pounds current weight: 212. Let’s get on the scale together! More pictures to come!

I walk in gentle strength-By unknow

I Love this quote; its meaning describes this journey. Take it slowly and be kind to yourself while being mighty enough not to quit or never give up!

About ME:

I am a professional life Coach, Blogger, Belly Dance & Belly Core Fitness International Certification (My Belly core &Belly dance business called-Harmonious Physique ~ Martial Artist Shotokan karate: My father was my Sensei, and we both Studied under Master Kazumi Tabata.


I ran a 5k again after 20 Years!

What I want to accomplish with you!

  1. Exercise: walking step goals and video of core exercises no matter age or size!
  2. Food: what are you eating, journaling and pictures, and Ideas
  3. Support and inspiration: Positive and humble struggles or victories
  4. Weight: I will show updates on my weight and a photo of the scale to prove my losses. Weigh-in is on Friday ~ I would love to have your posts -please give nicknames, not your real name!

This was just a portion of my vitamin cabinet-Unbelievable how much I have spent money on weight loss and healing supplements: It’s scary

Thrive Le-vel

However, I found Thrive Le-Vel to be such a game changer for me: I have more focus, energy, inflammation control, and better handle over cravings, and I no longer need a drawer full of unnecessary expensive products space.

1-capsule ~2-Mix 3- DFT



IF INTERESTED CONTACT at: Hardlosingweight.com@gmail.com

Please give me your name and email, and address; I can give you your own website and get access!

Notice the exciting new things this company is revealing in the next few months

I am so proud to be a part of this company and what it continues to do for me! If you joined once or never before, I’m here to help!

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