Hard losing weight


Harmonious Physique

Breathing/upper body

Harmonious Physique-Isn’t a Medical Professional and to do those at their own discretion

You can do it!

Think about your strategy of starting a routine of working out

  • Breath
  • stomach muscle movement
  • dance and exercise
  • Time each, for example breath technique do it week/month daily, then add stomach muscle movement and so and so on

Have fun!

Only you can make exercise a wonderful part of your life, do what works for you!

Movement is fun!

600lb Life

I binge-watched these shows- I recommend them if you have or haven’t; it is an eye-opener to where we have been or don’t want to continue or go. Gaining weight is so easy losing is challenging.

Steven Assanti,

This is so Exciting!!!!

Weight loss!

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