Hard losing weight

August 12,2022-September 30, 2022

Scale: weigh in! It’s Friday weigh-in!

I’m Losing! But also Stayed here for a long time. However, I am not discouraged. Maintaining is more complex than losing weight. I am maintaining! I have made a few adjustments.
  • walking getting in a few more steps
  • water instead of other forms of liquad
  • de-stressing by finding a new book, meditation time

Let’s talk about your scale Email me and participate: Hardlosingweight.com@gmail.com. Give me a Nickname if you would feel better than using your real name, and get on this journey too!


working on movement of upper body, arms, Remember to breath and do the stomach belly core movements while working out

Harmonious Physique: Reminder you can do this while sitting

Music by Boney M.
Thrive Lev-vel Is a fantastic company! Curious? Ask me how to Thrive for Free! Email me at: hardlosingweight.com@gmail.com

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