Journaling and using schedules or planning diet and workout

How many times have you started a journal and or schedule? How did that work out?

The reason I ask is that with the best intentions, that is something I have done, and I was able to know what foods made me gain weight, which I didn’t. The problem for me is I must have 20 journals and calendars, not sticking with the particular item used to write on. I would get bored with it, changing to something else and losing it. Apps: that was even worse still. I don’t keep up with putting in the info. You would think it is easier, but for me, it’s not. I would use my calorie counter, My Fitness Pal, and my keto, Fitbit, and galaxy watch for exercise. Please understand I am not putting these down and love the use of these.

Sometimes things happen to come up out of the blue and it makes you think something is looking out for you. I found a book at work that someone put out to give a way. It’s called “weight wisdom” affirmations to free you from food and body concerns: By Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Mary Ellen Williams

This book it right away speaks about journaling, and when I looked at this, it made total sense! The date and what you ate was this binge?/Purge? After that, your Thoughts/Feelings are thinking about why or what is driving your eating at that particular moment.

Then the chapter talked about changing behavior by keeping your thoughts and hands busy and entertained so you don’t eat or purge/binge—fidget items to help you. Out of the blue, my husband said, “let’s go to a Thrift Store” I then saw a bag of marbles and a velvet bag.
I see that I will be experimenting on different days, but the velvet bag of marbles will not always fill the binge urge. Maybe stress is higher, or something good/wrong happened and might need playdough, string, etc. I will be trying this more, and I believe this new thought and the active process are what I need.

My story:

Thrive by Le-vel

It took me a while before I committed to trying Thrive Le-vel.  Like many of you, I’m sure; I had spent so much money in the past on products with claims that never came to fruition that I was sure this would be just like that.  I had drawers, cupboards, and canisters full of broken promises. I thank my sister daily for never giving up and hounding me daily.  Little did I know I was about to have my prayers answered. 

Thrive by Le-vel did as it promised. Now, did it do it overnight?  No,  nothing will, and I had to keep reminding myself I didn’t get this way overnight, but it worked. I felt better,  had more energy to work out, had fewer aches, and saved money! I even was able to receive my certificate to be a belly core and belly dance instructor and start my business,  “Harmonious Physique.” Something I had dreamed of for quite some time. 

Now let’s be raw and honest,  Thrive isn’t unicorn dust and will do all the work by itself, but it helps you want to do better. Be better.  With its help, I changed my eating habits. It balanced my intake of vitamins and supplements, and I could see my health turning around quicker than I ever imagined.  Nectar, if all of these life changes and with the help of those three simple steps every morning, my health will be better than before that significant event, and my doctor said she is happy; I never threw in the towel. I’m sure by now you’re asking yourself what this Thrive stuff is.  It’s simple.  It’s a nutritional supplement that bridges your body’s gaps and makes you feel amazing! 100+ vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at optimal levels.  Do you know what I’ve learned? When you feed your body everything it wants, it responds in ways I never knew. 

Now hear this when I say,  BIG THINGS ARE COMING NEXT MONTH!  

Founders, Thrive by Le-vel

The Founders of Thrive by Le-vel have been hard at work coming up with something that’s about to disrupt the weight loss industry. Ask yourself this, if you were to lose some weight, what would you need to lose to be comfortable in your own skin? Le-Vel focuses more on health and just better quality of life. Which has been super amazing, BUT The Greatest Weight Loss Technology in 50 years is coming, and I couldn’t be more excited!!! This was a shocker to me because our CEO has never been one to share weight loss specific. It’s been appetite control or weight management BUT GUESS WHAT?! He said we have created something that is going to completely dominate in this area! WEIGHT LOSS! One thing I’ve learned from these two amazing men is they don’t mess around and stand behind everything they bring to the table. If it’s not 100% it isn’t released until it is. Did you know we have over 30 patents and more coming? And we are 100% USA based. Everything comes from right here. From farms across the US. “Thrive King” the real name that has yet to be released is launching shortly, and I couldn’t be more excited. Not just for me but for all of you as well! 

I would love to answer any questions you may have.  You can email me at: 


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