These you tube people got me healthier than I ever imagined! Check it out!

Dr. Berg: Sugar?

Thomas Delaurer: New 2022 info on Intermittent Fasting

 Persons on Youtube:

I loved learning from these two people in my diet and exercise.  I wouldn’t have gotten where I am now. Where I want to be and the goals I have for the rest of my life.  My Primary Doctor,   get’s it! It’s so wonderful to have that kind of backing.  Being listened to and ideas brought forth and considered,  Even to process if it should or shouldn’t happen.

Do you listen to your body?  How do you feel after you have eaten something?  For example:  Do you feel bloated? Not so full and want something else?  How about your stomach? Do you get gas or make you go to the bathroom up to twenty minutes later?

  Your body is a flesh machine capable of telling you just how it feels.  I remember a time when we had a car full of people, everyone decided to stop off and get Ice cream cones.  Sure enough,, as we started to drive again my stomach started to ache I needed a bathroom fast!  I did this for almost a year. I thought it was Milk issues getting products and food that had none.  Only helped slightly. I had aches still.  Then I thought I had IBS syndrome and researched this like crazy.  Then I found those two people’s video this changed my thinking and my diet and health.  I also changed supplements any form of medication.  Why? Early commercials would see commercials and cartoons that showed pills as making us feel good, A person would became much better.  

Yes, virtually what you eat and put in your body can have an effect causing pain, inflammation, weight gain, and many forms of the disease.

1st.  Balance yourself getting good vitamins!

2nd.  Movement, go right in and join a gym, get a trainer, etc.  Or slower moving arms or legs or even while sitting.   I walked and didn’t do hills at first made that a goal.  The exciting part the hill I picked was a long way up.   When I got to the top the people in the business there applauded!  It was fun.  Then I started running a few months later and did a 5k.  I hadn’t done one in twenty years!!!  

Food:  I again researched and journaled what I ate, how it made me feel, and if I did or didn’t gain weight.  Later my friend and my spouse both needed changes.  My friend had stomach pain at a work Christmas party I invited her.  It made me feel so sad for her.  She thought it was the steak and started to limit her intake.  Then she went to a specialist told her, she had a gluten allergy.  She didn’t eat cheese but having sugar was up to her.  We ate the same way but some differences.  We made it fun! Each of us made a  dish of our favorite new food and met at each other’s house.  One time I made wedge salad and blue cheese.  She had non-dairy dressing.   Both of us loved it. Next step chose certain food when eating out.   One of my blogs, I pointed out the types of restaurants and the food I’d order there.   The whole important thing for me is making it fun!  Try out new things and push myself to show “you can do this.”  

Do you make a shopping list?  I’m an envelope or scrap paper, quick write-it-down person.  I even mapped out a store and put what I needed down in each section and aisle.  It became a shopping obsession.  I hate it when I forget something.  I have shied away from the big project of mapping stores out. Way too much work for me. 

I have used apps that are noted with checks.  I need glasses, so it’s a bit difficult to see.  I use the paper checklist.  For tracking and journaling exercises, I used a calendar for specific times to remember what type of exercise l would be doing that particular day.  I don’t need that anymore.  I have a rowing machine and spin bike right in areas in my house that will force me to do it.   My spin bike is my chair in the living room, and I bike if I’m going to watch t.v.  I want to enjoy whatever I do to keep moving.  Going to a botanical garden, find a mall or parking garage to climb stairs in winter.  Biking outside in safe areas makes you want to keep going—outside games like corn hole, pickle ball, and tennis, even badminton. Get your pets out and play, run! Do you have Grandchildren? Family, visiting them, enjoying and playing games that movement is involved. Example twister!

Christmas Idea!

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Opportunity is there to do it!

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