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Thanksgiving * Christmas* and New Year’s are just a few holidays in the air!  


Here we go!  Are you feeling Anxious?


  This is the time of year to plan your nutrition ahead of the holidays; planning what you will eat is a challenging but great strategy for successfully maintaining and losing weight during these joyous and festive times. If you haven’t tried the Detox, let me tell you, it’s a game changer!  I cannot believe this!  

My husband and I want to start this to make better choices and not gain too many pounds during this festive time.  The main reason is to start fresh and be ready for the Elite weight-Loss system that will be coming soon!  We are never stopping at trying to better our health through nutrition.  Also, the 1, 2, and 3 system has been an outstanding balance with us, and to be off it during the detox has shown us that while we feel exhilarated doing a detox, we are very energized when we balance with the 1,2,3, system.   On day ten, big drum roll, Ok, friends, let’s get raw and natural for a minute. You all know I’m all about being healthy, exercising, and wanting to be my best self. I didn’t think I needed a detox. Like why? I watch what I eat and drink lots of water.  I exercise. Let me figure out why.  I thought I was doing all I should. I’ve now learned our bodies need a reset.  It needs to rid itself of toxins we breathe in and ingest. Hubby and I are on Day 9 and have one day left to go of detox. I am blown away by the results we have seen. Guys, I am down 10 Pounds!  My husband is down 7!  How is that even possible?  I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product. However, I shouldn’t be surprised.  Everything this Company puts out is gold! I have made a significant change in what I’m eating during this time.  Do I feel deprived?  Nope, I was surprised how tofu and fish with more rice and Legumes changed my bad eating habits.  It was a nighttime snack, and I didn’t drink enough water!  I do have a love-hate relationship with Tofu.  I used taco seasoning on the extra firm and rolled it in.  I don’t overdo it.  I put as much in a dish, so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I believe it might be the texture or me just having it in my head as an imposter!   Stress can create a bunch of overwhelming sabotage when it comes to getting the holidays ready, traveling, and having more family and friends around, all the delicious smells and food lingering, as well as attitudes and choices others desire. When this happens, we don’t necessarily think about what we put into our mouths and stomachs.


Traveling –

When you leave, please pack to fit your needs- I have already made an excel sheet for when I travel.  After printing it out, I check what I need and don’t need on the trip.  Are you flying, taking a road trip in a vehicle, or maybe going on vacation? Even a cruise makes a big difference in how you pack. I suggest putting a packing list in the luggage or bag for when it’s time to return.  It makes remembering what I brought with us more accessible and faster to


Grab.  Downloading ahead-of-time podcasts, books, movies-breathing as you go helps. Music is a way to relax; pick music to relax but also pick you up if you need to stay awake to drive or get you moving to get you ready to go and do your task.    When traveling in a car, we have a small cooler near the front to be within reach- lettuce wraps or low-carb help not to make many stops.  Generally, we also pack carrots, pickles, cheese, lunch meat, or crab meat.  Cherry tomatoes and apples or grapes and pears.  Hummus and tuna salad as a dip for veggie sticks.   Drinks for our sugar-free, water and decaf tea or decaf work.   Stress- Above in the blog, I noted some of the pressures that can happen; let’s find ways to keep our thoughts, body, and minds at their best.  While traveling, you may bring elastic bands or just the body’s weight to exercise.  They use Harmonious Physique’s Belly core stomach breathing, tightening, and releasing.  Buttocks and arms can be worked that way.  They are lifting their legs plus arms up and down.  Stop taking a walk or stretching a few minutes extra when at rest.    During the time of family gathering around and food ingested, take time to go outside again breathing; a walk, if time allows, would be a moment for you or even family and friends to work off stress and extra pounds.   Beauty/Clothing what do you feel comfortable in?  What can you wear that will make you feel unique and vibrant? Dressing to have you bringing out the best of you.  I can’t direct or tell you what it may be.  However, I feel confident if I do or don’t try to be at my best.  It can be challenging to bring this forward when you want to make the holidays fun and exciting for many.  Putting yourself before accomplishing what others need will make you more refreshed and more excellent to excel in what you need to do”.


  Holiday stretching- Harmonious Physique


These resistance loop exercise bands strengthen your core and provide a full-body workout. The set includes five color-coded sizes to find the perfect fit and an instruction guide with various exercises to wear!




Boxing wall punch bag is easy to install with holes for fixing on wall and the pad is made of pure leather and foam, the surface is sleek and easy to clean, practical to use. The boxing pads is thick, which provides adequate cushion when hit, and can be punched safely. Can be used for free battle or boxing training, a good tool for punching practice.


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Foam PU focus target is easy to install with holes for fixing on wall and the pad is made of pu leather and foam, the surface is sleek and easy to clean, practical to use.

ADEQUATE CUSHION: The punching pad is thick, which provides adequate cushion when hit, and can be punched safely. Can be used for free battle or boxing training, a good tool for punching practice.

SOLID AND DURABLE: Wall target pad allows for upper cuts, hook and jabs as you would on pad . The sewing is solid and durable, withstand long time of use with fine workmanship and exquisite design.

HIGH POTENCY FOAM: The pad is made of PU leather and foam, the inner foam pad is soft and can protect your hand. High potency foam inside which ensures that maximum absorption of shock.

WIDE APPLICATION: The wall focus target pad is suitable for gym training, also good for home use.

Thrive Le-vel

Opportunity is there to do it!


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