New Year, New me!

New year, New me?

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution?



My mom did the ten-day detox- she did it exactly how the instructions said!  23 pounds down!!!

Stop sabotaging your efforts by overeating, eating out more, and just saying this is too difficult!



2-Evaluate now-later

3-rough draft

4- support



What the heck do I mean, Goal? –  Do you want to be more active, have more energy, or have a Clear mind getting things accomplished, maybe to lose weight, Exercise more? Feeling better overall to be more patient or in a better mood! It takes feeling better to want that. Even if you want to keep a cleaner house, improve your job.


 What does life feel like now, what have you done in 2022, and what do you want for 2023?  Dig deep into your heart

Rough draft:

I wrote down notes to myself, and when it came to those life goals five years from now, where do I want to be? Weight-loss, career, and living life happily the best way I can. It’s going to happen! I realized I needed to be more confident.


Get on social media and or workout club or gym.  I started my page, Hard losing weight( if you want to join, message me and start getting that inspiration from someone who is where you might be at, understanding exactly where you are and want to be, also no judgment.  Then seriously, get your body balanced with Thrive by Level.  I will be doing you an injustice if I don’t tell you about it and help you get started!

Disappointment:  Don’t beat yourself up!

Being kind to you, we can be so mean inside our minds talking to ourselves about losing weight and self-image.   I used to break down when someone didn’t understand how hard I worked.  It then dawned on me that I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone.  I know what I do and how mightily I struggle. I try to give myself two positive thoughts when I start to be negative. Celebrate victory! The happiness of your progress “not eating food” Take in the feeling in your mind and breath!

When I  saw a billboard the other day say that 80% of people who start a healthy lifestyle and join the gym for a new years resolution quit in just two weeks or less!  No, quitting it’s not an option!  When I say lifestyle, it takes time to change. People are similar but different when it comes to losing weight.  Some do everything to lose and can’t budge their weight.  Others find it more accessible.  I can’t stress enough finding like-minded people and getting positive support.  Support that offers what it is that you’re looking for.   I never thought I would love what I’m doing the way this does.  I don’t have to worry about being me and what I believe.  I can be myself!  My job is an opportunity, and it work’s that anyone can be proud of and share and help others.  I also joined with one of my clients and relatives an app called “better together,”  which is a motivator.  We are competing against each other: steps, weight loss, and water drinking.  Whoever is ahead gets a gift card from each member who joined!   I am also considering joining a food prepared company to help prepare food instead of cooking or going out to eat.  I will let you know more about this in another blog!  I have also joined “The Ultimate Thriver”  So excited about this and will keep everyone posted on the results.

What is going on with these Photos?  I had to fly this way on a four-hour flight to give room for the man on the outside seating.  I understand this, and I couldn’t get upset or embarrass him by giving him my hard-losing weight card.  Whenever someone walked by him on the plane, they struck him and bumped him over into me.  To make more to the situation for him, a man took his plane seat sitting in front of him and leaned it back directly into his lap.  He just dealt with it and watched his football and sports program.  This man Is incredible. Why?  He was under the radar of all eyes on him, Putting on a smile and being nice to everyone and then being uncomfortable and miserable mentally and Physically, Knowing that he loves sports and desires a healthier self.  I prayed and am still praying that maybe he will fly back on the same plane or meet another person who is doing elite and get him started!  I have faith it’s going to happen.  I thanked him in my mind. He helped me see why I didn’t want to return to where and who I was.  I still need to lose, but I have an incredible health record.  I don’t consider life any different from how I live now. I won’t go backward.

What is the hardest part of doing and being a part of wanting others to change and have their life back that they don’t want to hear the truth of where they are actually at?  Embarrassment and can’t visualize that they have it in them to make a considerable commitment.  Words, what others who judge and say things that are so hurtful when you have so much to lose, is what makes some eat more and hide away.


  Pinterest:  life in Pleasantville


Remember, you would like not to make this miserable.  Stay consistent, and make this fun!  Also, it’s a reward when you don’t have to get a doctor’s appointment or fight any disease.  Get hair done, nails, toes, etc. another would be a new trail or walking area.  Make a list of healthy foods and recipes. make a future board to keep the positives flowing.

My Reward! Thrive Elite came today!

Tracy B. Harmonious physique LLC

BALEAF Women’s Fleece Lined Winter Leggings High Waisted Thermal Warm Yoga Pants with Pockets

  • 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
  • Drawstring closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Warm: The brushed fleece interior locks in heat for a dry warmth, while the stretchy fabric delivers unrestricted movement. And with the inner leg seam removed, you’ll be able to move freely and comfortably
  • r Resistant: The fabric keeps you dry through every light rain or snow day. You can do any outdoor activities during winter with ease
  • More Pockets: The winter leggings feature two side pockets, which are handy for larger mobile phones and keep them stay still in a run, while the interior two pockets and back pocket give your cards or keys safer
  • High Waistband with Drawcord: The high waistband is a flattering style that slims your waist and flatters many body shapes. And the internal drawcord keeps the leggings in place, so you don’t need to pull them up constantly
  • Occasion: Perfect for running, hiking, workout, cycling, traveling, skiing, and camping. No need to pull them up constantly, and yoga fun




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