Bring it! ~Scale follies and the up-down rollercoaster~

       I Started It!!!  Elite weight-loss!


I was up and down on weight loss like a roller coaster!  After sixty pounds of weight loss, this is how it went.  Very much so near my hormonal cycle; I know TMI, but it is true.  I started my blogs hoping that this product would be the deliverer, and I have to say- so far, it is!  I feel different than anything I have tried, and like so many, I swear I have tried it all!  You get up, take supplements when your feet touch the floor, and then the smoothie mix and DFT after a shower.  Bam done.  No cravings when I’m hungry; I eat just what I need and off to the races.  Ready to move!  Eight pounds in a few weeks, and I anticipate more off soon!

Loving your body and your mind:

  Full body photos of yourself; why would you do this if you can’t stand looking?  It is an essential step in your journey to see where you are and where you want to be.  I will check by taking a photo and taking my measurements.  So far, in less than a month, I have taken 4 inches off my waist, and I can see a difference in the photo.  Wearing the same outfit and standing in the same spot helps—some ideas to keep you seeing positives and results.


When waking up and or throughout our day, what are the things about you, you are most proud of? What have you accomplished that have made a difference in your overall life?  Going further Positive is the way heartfelt and mind felt! This helps set your mind to making a positive mind and thinking that is very hard for some and essential to change a person’s mindset. This works not only for weight loss, careers, and relationships.


Sharing the love:   

Synonyms-(support) -help aid, assist contribute to – Many people need clarification about what being support is.   When looking for a group or social media and or family/friends.  It’s vitally important to know they are not the answer giver and not your escape from taking out your disappointments or failures as well as they or they should not put any disapproval on you. I genuinely have experienced and witnessed support becoming control-telling-frustration on both sides-  when going on a journey of change, it is about learning, making mistakes, and triumphing.  A person knows their body; if they say “I got to try it like this,”  this is not quitting. It is a correct approach.  One listens to their body and you to them.  An outright refusal is not doing your part.  So what does support do with that?  Gentle reminders, but also, what can you do?  Smaller steps etc.    This can be a long journey or a life change.  Setting up rewards and verbal encouragement is hope!


I am friends with on Facebook:  Catherine Horne, (public Figure) Erik Gillihan, and  David Kessel.   Showing that they love to have and support;  don’t up! They are doing it and doing well.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Like I told followers,  Give A Hug, Not Chocolate!


If you would like a free no, obligation account, try Elite!

Messanger me@ Tracy Beaulieu  or an invite to fb “Harmonious Physique LLC”

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