12 more pounds down!

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was at my heaviest and probably the lowest point in my life.  I decided I needed to change.  But change is hard until you throw away all the excuses and turn your hearing off to insults and those who mean well but don’t necessarily know what you need.  Thanks to my sister, I finally found myself again, and when I did, the weight started coming off. 60 pounds gone on regular thrive.  Eventually, things stopped; I was still eating right and exercising, and my weight wasn’t moving anymore.  Until Elite!  I’m only five weeks in, and I’m already 12 pounds lighter and 10 inches smaller! Nothing has changed except the supplements I take.  These are game changer!

Next goal or step:




Going to do exactly what the pictures presented are

  1. continue to do 1,2,3 Step of Thrive Elite
  2. continue to finish the ultimate thriver competition
  3. detox- going to start another round of detoxing. This is what is recommended within so many days, and it was refreshing to me.


Interview with David Kessel;

On post platform have been following David Kessel.  We did a Q+A video, he is such an inspiration to me and many others!

David has many followers and posts and is a significant member of weight-loss warrior community, my recommendation is for those who want to join!


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