Hard losing weight

Let’s have Fun!

Exercise! Harmonious Physique-Belly core

When we start Belly Core exercises you need to breath!

I started slowly * Just a suggestion * note if you haven’t put yourself first and/or lived a healthy diet and exercise!

1st Breath

2nd Stomach movement

3rd Dance enjoy and move

4th Increase exercise and time

You know you, are you going to do 1st step for a week/month * Then Move doing step two. How long do you incorporate steps one and two?. And so on!

Being active and moving is a life change -Part of life change is being in control of you! Try this with a happy heart, not dreary unhappiness!

Harmonious Physique – can help

Steven Assanti: please be aware adult language on this site

600Lb life

If you have or haven’t seen 600lb life I really recommend you watch.

Seeing and hearing others’ struggles can spark something as minor as waking up and doing breathing or stomach techniques.

Steven Assanti Now: Take That Haters! My 600lb Life Update

Click on it and see for yourself what things he tried to get the weight off! This is to show how people can change physically and mentally. No opinion is brought forward. It’s to give others’ views and experiences.

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  • Breath
  • stomach movement
  • Dance have fun
  • amount of time you decide to put in to exercise!


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