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Look into the mirror

Why look into the mirror?

When was the last time you really looked at yourself?

I challenge you!  The more you look in the mirror the more you will begin to see a new you!

It takes time, You will be so negative because we are our own worst critics!  As you look, give yourself two compliments daily.

You can only be the one to support and heal yourself

Have you heard something like this?

  • “You’ve lost weight in your face”
  • It didn’t fit me, I think it will fit you
  • “Can I try It on”, doesn’t fit,  it’s like a tent on me
  • I can’t finish this do you want it
  • You should just eat fewer calories

The list goes on and on!

What makes people do things that hurt others? Fear

I know you work endlessly on your weight; the thought of being thin is on your mind constantly. You may be starving yourself, taking medication, getting surgery, trying new fads, and spending money. Yet the weight just doesn’t move.

This is why I blog

First support is the most important

Know you may not be understood by self-help, gym, and even diabetic groups and or medical or therapeutic help

Don’t give up! Keep searching until you find who believes you!

I believe you; hard losing weight is on Facebook and You-tube


Use water, milk, almond milk- put in fruit


Getting a healthy vitamin and easing or eliminating pain and cravings gives you a great start!

Email me and get your own website to see what Le-vel Thrive can do for you!


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